Changing landscapes in Finland and Iceland


Spring is almost here :)! So it is time to wake up from hibernation – and continue our small scale projects.

Here is instructions and time table…

Changing landscapes and habitats


  • the specific features of your home area/local environment and the landscapes of Finland and Iceland
  • explore examples of natural and cultural landscapes in different regions of Finland and Iceland
  • doing field studies in your home area (and Finnish students in Iceland in May 2019)


  • you can describe how the landscapes are formed
  • you can describe how human impact the environment
  • you can describe how natural environment impact human life

Small scale projects

Choose at least four tasks that you will do with your Nordic Go – partner. Collect the tasks for example on Sway, OneNote or PowerPoint.

  1. Make a time line about when and how landscapes of your home (in Finland and in Iceland) are formed. Timetable: before May
  2. Take photos about natural and cultural landscapes in Finland and Iceland.  Add photos for example to Google My Maps. Write good captions. Timetable: before May and during student exchange in Iceland
  3. Choose four photos/landscapes (two from Finland and two from Iceland) and answer the questions. Timetable: before May Interpreting pictures
  4. Make the news report. Timetable: manuscript before May, filming during student exchange in Iceland News report
  5. Write the news. Timetable: manuscript before May, finishing during student exchange in Iceland Write the news
  6. Take photos about your local environment. Make five questions and answers that are in some way connected to pictures and your local environment. Timetable: before May 5 questions
  7. Take a Hop on hop off – tour with Google Earth.  Find landscapes in Finland and Iceland where you would like to go. Take print screen photos and make photo collage. Write good captions. Timetable: before May
  8. Take your own idea. Notice the topic and goals. Timetable: before May and during student exchange

Culture Cycling

Picture: The longest birch alley in Finland.


Culture Cycling – Learning The Historical Sights and Places in our Neighbourhood


In August 5th graders of Armfelt School spent one school day outdoors and had a Culture Cycling. All 5th graders (amount of 46 pupils) cycled approximately 16 kilometers route during the day. Along the route they took photoes and video clips. The day was ment to be relaxing and refreshing experience both in nature and in historical environments. There were no other tasks than taking photoes and videos. We had decided that things we see, find and experience are processed afterwards at school. We have many times found out difficult to follow kind of a traditional ’’tourist sidhtseeings’’. This time we took it more like ”chilling out with friends” and saving everything in our iPads to look back and learn more. That’s the way it goes in pupils’ real life too in their opinion: First you take a picture, then consider whether to publish it or not and after that, or while doing it, you’ll make your statement of the thing you experienced. We could also identify as historians gathering information while moving around.


To learn safety way of cycling in group.

To experience and to get to know historical, remarkable sights of Halikko.

To focus and crop pictures and videos.

To produce a video, that tells about the highlights of the day and introduces historical sights, using iPads and iMovie app.

To learn to read and benefit different signs in our environment.

To learn to show and tell the route with map using Explain Everything app.


Individual or pairwork, groupwork while learning the apps needed. Learning by doing.


Hiking equipment for cycling, iPads from school.


Outdoors, classroom and different silent places at school. Pupils could suggest the best place for them.


Ipads, IMovie, Explain Everything, maps from, different websites telling about historical sights.


Very high


Editing and publishing the videos in co-operation with culture department of Salo. Having a Culture Cycling day every year with different sights and levels depending of the grade.


Teacher feedback during the process of finding information and editing. In pairs or in little groups of pairs during the process. In the end of the process pupils should be sure of the information and screenplay of their videos before publishing it to each other. Pupils give feedback and point out the strengths of each video straight after having watched it.

Written by: Heli Meriläinen, Class teacher