Lesson with Nearpod

Biology Grade 9
Learning goals: circulatory system, heart, veins, blood types, blood transfusion.
Learning skills: information, media and technology skills
Lesson time: 80 minutes
Application: Nearpod lesson https://share.nearpod.com/dnQMUkgriM
Student’s will participate in a biology lesson about the circulatory system. Every student will have an iPad supplied by the teacher. Student’s will open an app called Nearpod and the teacher will provide them with a code in the beginning of the lesson. In this lesson students will work at their own pace. In the project, they will find PowerPoint presentations, Sway presentations, YouTube videos and articles which some of them must read. There are some quizzes and open ended question that they must answer from the reading materials. They also have to draw a heart and write on a padlet wall. In the end, they must answer a poll about this project. The articles are in English so they are difficult for some students and therefor optional for students with more ability.
About Nearpod
Nearpod is an interactive presentation and assessment where the teacher can create presentations that can contain Quiz’s, Polls, Videos, Images, Drawing-Boards, Web Content and so on. Student can use iPads, computers or any device that connects to the internet and access a teacher’s presentation through a code.
The teacher can control the pace of the session or every student can go at his own pace. Nearpod also have ‘Open Ended Questions’ feature. The ‘Open Ended’ answers are then automatically logged in the reports.
Nearpod can be used as a substitute for other presentation tools where the presentations will be beamed to each iPad in the classroom. You can ‘drag and drop’ PowerPoint slides that you have into the app for it to instantly create a Nearpod presentation. You can also use ready or create a Sway that you can use in the app.
The app enables the teacher to connect with students digitally. Nearpod can be used in many different creative and innovative ways. The app has a feature called ‘Draw It’. It’s an interactive whiteboard. The teacher’s iPad will display each and every student’s ‘drawings’ when they have finished and submitted them. The teacher can then ‘share’ individual whiteboards with the entire class. Hitting share will cause the chosen ‘drawing’ to appear on every iPad. Teachers can share good work and model good progressions.
The app also has a Collaborate Padlet Wall, Fill in the Blanks and Memory Test. You can also easily insert 3D images, Phet Simulation, Field Trips around the world, YouTube or BBC Videos or add your own video or sound to it.
Teachers can insert a ‘Quiz’ into Nearpod presentation. They can create customized quizzes that can be used as assessment tools. The teacher’s iPad is then faced with the ongoing progress of the class in an ‘easy to analyze’ table. This assessment data can be read on the fly, whilst the children are engaged in the test. Teachers can gain a good idea of their classes overall understanding within any given subject straight away.
When students have finished a quiz, Nearpod will automatically create a report. Nearpod contains the option of inserting a ‘Poll’. The teacher can have a self-assessment when student’s opinions are questioned.
Students can engage with the presentations in their own time. Teachers can provide a ‘Homework’ code to students and they can access a pre-made presentation at home.
Nearpod has a library of pre-made Nearpod Presentations. Teachers can share their resources on this platform. You can find interactive presentations on almost anything for almost every year group but they are all in English. In non-speaking English countries teachers, which teach English as a second language can use pre-made Nearpod Presentations. Other teachers can get a lot of ideas for their Nearpod lessons.