Kick off meeting in Perniö

Nordic Go! Kick off meeting

Nordic Go kick off

The Nordplus Junior Nordic go! programme had its kick off meeting in Perniö as our project coordinator Rita Keskitalo presented the project for the students and their families. She opened the evening with a funny karaoke video about Iceland and went then on to explain the structure of the project. The audience, altogether 40 students and parents, were eager to hear about the preliminary timetable according to which the project first includes teacher mobility (autumn 2017 & spring 2018). Then, in autumn 2018, it’s time for the Icelandic students to visit Finland, and the following spring our students, accompanied by the students from Armfelt school in Salo, get to travel to Iceland. They will stay with an Icelandic host family, and attend the local school as students.


Since the partner school in Iceland hadn’t yet chosen the students participating in the program, questions about the Icelandic students were left unanswered for the time being. Instead, Keskitalo shed light on the various other possibilities the project offers the students. She underlined that Nordic Go! Isn’t just about the travelling, but the participating students get to cooperate with the partner students on several small-scale projects that are integrated in the geography lessons in Finland and science lessons in Iceland. The students are given a lot of freedom to choose the topics and tasks they are interested in. The tasks will be carried out in English and shared with the students in the partner school. Working on the project tasks and small projects will enhance the students’ English skills, as well as tie in with the transversal skills outlined in the Finnish national curriculum.


No parental meeting is complete without discussion about money. The parents and students were asked whether they would like to pay a fee of 50-80e to a joint account every term, or start collecting money through various projects. After some discussion the families decided that it would be better to make the students work in order to gain the extra money. The most popular idea was to start selling services; cleaning, raking etc.


A lot more difficult question was finding a fund manager amongst the parents. It took several minutes’ awkward silence, and some bribery, but a volunteer was finally found. The parents decided to grant her flight tickets to Iceland in exchange for her heroic sacrifice. The last question Keskitalo asked was not that difficult at all: “Are you excited about the project?” The answer was a resounding Yes!