Individual learning path in geography

Studying geography (in 7th grade, Perniön yhteiskoulu) was divided into modules. The modules were Sunlight and Warmth, Air, Water, Crust of Earth, and Food. Students could use about four lessons (4×75) to study each module. That means they had to keep tract of the schedule and study at home as well.     ​​
First students had to familiarise themselves with the aims (from Curriculum) so they could be sure that they were learning “right things”.

They started learning for example reading textbook and listening to the audio book.​​
Students were encouraged to study with others, discuss with, quiz and help the other students. ​​After reading, listening and/or discussing students made a mind map or other kind of notes on every module. They could choose exercises in textbook which they like to do. They could also do an Act and Make an Impact task (see page….)  Before continuing to the next module, students evaluated their learning. ​​Evaluating could be self-evaluation, peer evaluation and/or evaluation discussions with teacher.

Students hade opportunity to choose learning environments, learning materials, methods and exercises/activities. Like this way they were building their own learning paths.


Learning path in 7th grade Geography.