How we made our game

The process of our game started on 27th of February.

We were informed that our class would take part in a project that would combine English and Geography. We were given a list of things we would have to do by a certain amount of times. In this list they gave us options of what we would like to do and one of the things we chose to do from the list was a game.

So first thing we did was brainstorming. We knew pretty quickly that we would want to do a game that consisted of cards that had questions and that the players would have to answer to those questions. After deciding on the type of the game we started by taking some colorful cardboards and measuring an optimal size for our game. After we had taken our measurements we started cutting the pieces into right size by using the measurements. After cutting around 15 pieces of cardboard we were satisfied and we moved on to the next step. Next we started writing down the questions that we wanted to ask. After those we cut fish siluets of black paper. And so we were done with our preparations.

After that we started to put our game together. We started by glueing the fish siluets to the blank pieces of colorful cardboard that we had previously cut. So now that we had attached our fish siluets and cardboards together we started to write down the questions with a white pen. And soon after that we were done and our game was ready to play. We haven’t had the chance to let somebody play it yet but we are hoping that people will like it.

Made by students from Armfelt School, Salo, Finland: Olivia Koskinen, Sylvia Hynninen and Anna-Sofia Raita