Evaluation of the visit to Sweden


The teachers answered Forms feedback questionary about the visit to Sweden.

1 = I strongly disagree
2 = I disagree
3 = I don´t disagree or agree
4 = I agree
5 = I strongly agree                                                                                            Average of answers

The visit to Sweden fulfilled the goals of the project.                                                   3,71

The content of the program was interesting and good.                                              3,86

The teachers had prepared their lessons well.                                                               3,86

I got new ideas on innovative teaching methods.                                                         2,86

I got new ideas on learning environments.                                                                      2,43

I got new ideas on ‘pupils as active learners’.                                                                 2,57

I know how the Swedish school system works.                                                               4


The teachers gave Finnish school grade to the visit.


Teachers’ comments:

Posted by Kati Ahlqvist, Armfelt school, Salo, Finland.