Evaluation of meeting in Finland

The teachers answered Forms feedback questionary about the visit to Finland.

1 = I strongly disagree
2 = I disagree
3 = I don´t disagree or agree
4 = I agree
5 = I strongly agree                                                                                            Average of answers

The visit to Finland fulfilled the goals of the project.                                                   5

The content of the program was interesting and good.                                              5

The coordinator was well prepared for the teacher meeting in Finland.              5

The teachers had prepared their lessons well.                                                               5

I got new ideas on innovative teaching methods.                                                         5

I got new ideas on learning environments.                                                                   4,75

I got new ideas on ‘pupils as active learners’.                                                                5

I know how the Finnish school system works.                                                               4


The teachers gave Finnish school grade to the visit.

Teachers’ comments:

“Excellent visit, very educational and entertaining.”

“Great visit, extremely educational”

“I really enjoyed the visit in Finland. Had a great experience in the country with local people and learned a lot of new things. ”

“I thought the trip to Finlnd was well planned, and organized in a way that allowed us to see many perspectives of learning and teaching. I did learn so much, thank you!”

Posted by Kati Ahlqvist and Elisa Uotila, Armfelt school, Salo, Finland.