Digital collection of organisms in Instagram

In our biology class, we have started Instagram accounts for our own organism collections.
I feel it’s useful, because you learn about biology at the same time when you are using social media. And it’s different from normal studying that it makes it interesting. But how do you learn about things if you just post pictures? Well, you must put information about the animal or whatever is in the picture. For example, you have a picture of a rabbit, so you tell the species and whether it is a mammal. And of course, you can tell more about the species! So, this makes you search for this information and at the same time you are maybe learning something new. But sometimes it’s little bit hard to find the right information, if you have no idea what the animal is.
This is working well and its fun project to do and basically you can do it anytime you want! The only thing is that sometimes you just forget to post the pictures you have taken.


These Instagram accounts are just one part of this paper that we were given in the beginning of our biology class. In this paper we have all the things we should learn, our goals, some projects and then schedule when these things should be learned and done.
This paper is quite helpful, because there you see what you should be learning and how well you have learned them. Of course, you can study how you want, but it’s there to just guide you a little.

By: Iida Söderholm