Camping with friends

Me and my friends, Veera, Milla, Juliet and Minja, were camping on the 9th and 10th of May. We went to the Veera’s family summer house. It’s located in archipelago in Särkisalo. Nearby was a little island where we row with a boat. We had to row to the island two times, because everyone didn’t fit into the boat. When we finally got to the island we had to look for a good sleeping place for the night. We found a good place above the cliff, by the sea. After that we set up the tents and then we took our food and started to eat it. Then we went to our tents and went to bed. At night it was cold and I didn’t sleep very well. Everyone woke up very early, so we decided to go eat breakfast. We chose some sunny and warm place and made breakfast. We had porridge, sandwiches, juice, cocoa and nuts. After breakfast we packed our tents and left from the island. After the camping we went back to Veera’s summer house and there we played volleyball, swam, went to sauna and ate good food.