Badges and learning


In our school we have learning badges. They are these little patches that you get when you have achieved something. We have them in our biology lessons, but in our opinion they could be in every subject 😀. Our biology and geography teacher Rita Keskitalo brought this idea into our school.
There are many badges for many reasons. For example there is one for a gardener, a investigator and a hiker. We can get them on our biology lessons and hopefully soon in geography too. We glue them into our notebooks and write why we think we deserved the sticker. The badges also help our teacher keep up with our work and progress.

Our schools students have really liked these badges because they motivate us to work harder and when we get one, it feels like a price from our hard work. It`s also fun when the badges start to build up, we see them every time we open our notebooks. Overall these little badges are a nice and a fun way to get motivated and to do your best.

Written By: Henna and Emmi