About Nordic Go!

Nordic Go! is a two-year Nordplus Junior project between Finland, Sweden and Iceland. During the first year there will be a one-week teacher mobility between these countries. During the week teachers will attend lessons at hosting schools. The aim is to get familiar with the school system, curriculum, learning environment and pedagogy. Pupils will be in touch with each other by using ICT. They conduct small projects about seas, nature and culture of the Nordic countries as multidisciplinary modules. During the second year pupil visits between Finland and Iceland, and Finland and Sweden will take place. During the visits the pupils live in host families and attend classes with the hosting pupils. The outcome of this project is to create a concrete idea bank of Nordic teaching methods that will be found on the project’s webpage. At the end of the project the best ideas will be published as a book (PDF) free copyright (Creative Commons). The pupils’ output will be shared on the webpage and they can show and present it to each other via internet. Project’s goal is to involve pupils, use versatile learning environments, increase cooperation and enable multidiciplinary and all-round learning. Themes like education of equality, knowledge of different cultures, language skills and science education are also included in this project. The curricula of the Nordic countries require the use of versatile teaching , learning and evaluation methods, utilizing varying learning environments and pupils’ active role as learners.