A Project on seas at Armfelt school


One of the main topics of our Nordic Go! –project are the seas. We decided to do a sea project by using badges.


Oceans, seas and the Baltic sea


Goals of transversal competence or 21st century skills:

  • thinking and learning to learn
  • ICT competence
  • participation and influence
  • thinking of sustainable future

Goals of Geography and English:

  • to learn basic vocabulary on seas (the oceans, others seas, the Baltic sea)
  • to learn about the seas, the animals and the pollution of the seas
  • to develop English skills and improve communication in English
  • team work is a essential part of the project

Activity / Method

The pupils had different kind of tasks both in Finnish and English and the most badges had two different ”levels” or badges to achieve: a task on a basic level and another one that was on advanced/detailed level or the task was supposed to do in English. The original plan was to spend altogether eight lessons for the project, but some extra lessons were needed.

The tasks/badges were: Oceans and seas and the Baltic sea (both in Finnish and English); Presentation on any sea related topic; morning assebly as a video or via school’s tannoy; a video on any topic related to seas; blog; creating a bord game related to seas.

Pupils were supposed to do different kinds of tasks and ”collect badges” in other words get a stamp on their task papers.


  • study books
  • work sheets
  • paper, glue, crayons… Anything needed in creating a board game.
  • computers and phones for searching information

Learning environment:

  • classroom

Use of ICT, apps, websites

  • different kinds of websites for searching information
  • Power Point
  • Sway


Pupils get points depending on how many badges they have and on what level they have done them. E.g. a task done in English is (in most cases) more worth than a task done in Finnish. Based on the points they get it is possible to give a grade to each pupil. Also the ability to work in group and the overall achievement can be evaluated.

Students’ activity level:


New ideas / thoughts on this project:

It’s a great idea to do a project on specific area in co-operation of two subjects and two-three teachers. Especially the self-made board games seemed to motivate pupils.

Posted by Elisa Uotila, Armfelt school, Finland.