The Flying Carpet – intercultural encounters with Finnish and Icelandic students.


By implementing the The Flying Carpet in the program when the Icelandis student went to Finland, all the studenst got an opportunity to introduce their culture and interests in a fun and lively way within an encouraging environment.

The emphasis was not to only work with aspects of national culture or backgrounds, but also individual interests and those things that matter the most in each and every person’s life.

Each individual was a participant and a spectator at the same time. We devided the student into two groups A and B. First one group stayed with their presentation and the other students got to talk to everyone in the other group and then vice versa.

The goals were:

That student of both countries should feel proud of their own culture and share those feelings with others.

To evolve students ability to be active in the project and for them to realize the fact that different cultures can enrich their own.

Support a respectful communication and understanding.

Stimulate the students fantasy, curiosity and creativity.

To implement interaction between cultures and languages.

Awareness of the value of own culture by introducing it to others


The Flying Carpet – Intercultural Encounters is an Icelandic/Danish project with emphasis on intercultural competence –  see more about the project:



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