Fixed and Growth Mindset

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Science: Grade 8
Learning goals: change your words – change your mindset, learning from mistakes
Learning skills: Collaboration, communication
Lesson time: 80 minutes

Students are devide into 6 groups (24 students, 4 students in a group). Their mission is to seek QR-codes with instructions about few small projects.

The projects are:

  1. Change sentence from fixed mindset to growth mindset.
  2. Find a failure or mistake that a famous person has made but have led to a success. Write down the name of the person and the story about her failure.
  3. Read an article provided by teacher. The article is about how young children are not afraid of making mistakes and learn from them but in their upbringing many children get the impression from their parents and/or teachers that making mistakes is wrong and how it affects their ability to learn new things. Students should write few sentences why children are afraid of making mistakes.
  4. Teachers also make mistakes. Ask a grownup for example your teacher about a mistake that he has made.
  5. Draw a picture of a person who often makes mistakes. Write down on the same paper the mistakes that she has done.
  6. Go beyond your comfort zone. Drag a card from your teacher. On the card there is a challenge that everybody in the group have to do.
    • Dancing Russian folk dance Hopak
    • Create and sing a rap song
    • Make a new chant for the Iceland national football team
    • Sing the national anthem
    • Yodeling
    • Improvise: create and perform (music, drama, or verse) spontaneously or without preparation.

In the end the products are pasted on a large poster that will later go up on a wall. This project was made into a game, so every group got a point for their effort. 1 point for finding a QR-code, 1-3 points for solving a project and 1 point for every person in the group who took the challenge in project 6.

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Posted by Þóra Skúlad. Háteigsskóli Iceland


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