Miðja máls og læsis (Center of language and literacy )

We visited the centre with our guests in Reykjavik in March 2018.

Center of language and literacy is á team of educational specialists on language and literacy. The team works with all preschools, compulsory schools and leisure centers in Reykjavík. It opened August 1. 2016.

Goal for the center is:

  • to strengthen teachers and staff working in schools and leisure centers with counseling, professional development, continuing education and support
  • to ensure access for all staff and teachers in school and leisure centers to professional development, counseling and support for professional work with language and literacy.

The center offers micro or larger courses for teachers, staff in schools and leisure centers in Reykjavík on language, literacy and teaching Icelandic as a second language and for parents on language development and literacy. Offers consulting with language and literacy projects in schools and school districts within the city. Provides consulting and coaching for teachers and school leaders and holds workshops on any aspects of language development or literacy.

Requests from schools and leisure centers sins the center opened have been:

  • Language and reading programs in schools and leisure activities
  • Language development and literacy in preschools
  • Literacy and reading instruction at the primary school level
  • Consulting on training in reading, reading comprehension and reading difficulties
  • Consulting on teaching children with Icelandic as a second language
  • Training for teachers on Language and Literacy
  • To empower teachers to work with language and literacy among children of all ages
  • Training for staff in kindergartens and primary schools and leisure centers on language and literacy
  • Education on language and literacy that is regularly available to new employees
  • Workshops and courses
  • Education for parents
  • Work with students with Icelandic as a second language

Last fall language facilitator started working for the center. They provide assistance and advice for children and families with second language with the purpose of supporting their mother tongue. They act as a bridge within the school by helping establish a connection between the child, the family and the school.

Examples of guidance and workshops Language and cultural mediators provide for schools:

  • Importance of mother tongue and language development of bilingual pupils.
  • About Icelandic as a second language
  • Role of schools
  • Rights and obligations of school parents
  • Examples of guidance/advice for teachers and school staff:
  • Cross-cultural workshops about cultures and languages in the Philippines and Poland
  • Educational counselling
  • Assistance and guidance for pupils
  • Those who have yet to be proficient in Icelandic
  • About their mother tongue
  • Act as a bridge between the languages and cultures

Examples of suport for teachers and staf:

  • Guidance and workshops for the staff at After School and Leisure Centres of the city on cultures and languages
  • Support the staff in communicating with children and parents
  • Support on mother tongue during after school hours

Examples of guidance and advice for parents with a foreign background:

  • how to register the child in preschools, compulsory schools and after school programmes
  • what to do when the children have to change schools
  • the use of Leisure Cards and other discounts
  • language and literacy development of bilingual children
  • rights and obligation of school parents
  • home-school communication and collaboration
  • advice on furhter assistance



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